Volume 1

This 3-tape course shows in easy steps how to get out of the prison of dependency on available kits and plans.  Can you imagine picking out any airplane ever made and creating your own unique RC version?  A century of aviation history at your feet!  Yet, there are modelers -- just a few -- who can do this.  With a study of this series, you'll have this enviable skill!

This series of 3 'How To' tapes was developed to carefully walk a modeler through all the necessary steps to easily create an original scale model design ... from a small three-view plan and readily available researched documentation.

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Benefits of designing your own scale model

  • See my new 'Val'

  • Japanese Pearl Harbor dive bomber

  • Choosing something to design

  • Locating 3-views and data

  • Pick your model's size

  • Finding the wing span and area without scaling

  • Finding the scale that fits your wing area

  • Why "Bigger Is Better"

  • Volumetric wing loading

  • Tools & materials needed to lay out your model

  • Example subject for the design process

  • Choosing the Guardian's size

  • 3-view and data for the "Guardian"

  • Enlarging factors for 3-views

  • Tips on scaling

  • Wing lofting

  • Airfoil terms

  • Computer airfoils

  • Landing gear geometry made easy

Designing a scale model from 'Scratch' becomes so much more simple, and more rewarding, when all the 'Master Modelers Scale Secrets' are exposed .... right here !

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