Dave Platt, perhaps the World's  best-known designer/builder of fabulous RC Scale models, at last shares his 50+ years of experience with all of us in this video series. Dave invites you into his own workshop to see a brand new original scale model emerge from nothing to another award-winning masterpiece.

Thanks to Ron Berg you can now see reviews of my videos on WWW.RCSCALBUILDER.COM.

The "Black Art" series emphasizes Dave's techniques, explained and demonstrated in an easygoing conversational style, showing RC fans everywhere how to build better models (and more quickly, too) than they ever could before. A MUST study for any RC fan. Enjoy!

Our NEW "Tools of the Trade" video is now available.

Electric power for RC models has made truly astounding strides in the last decade. Technology in motors, batteries and speed controllers has advanced at a furious pace. In this video series, Dave makes the physics of electric power understandable, and shows how to enjoy the benefits while avoiding the expensive pitfalls. Then, we build an attractive and great-flying original model that you can duplicate yourself. Clear the bench!

WTD-1 Watt's The Deal?

Electric Motors vs. I.C. engines, Electric model components, Physics of electric power, Advantages and disadvantages of electric power

WTD-2 Watt's The Deal?

Motor mounting, BEC/Opto circuits, Neat soldering aid, Installing speed controllers, Changing motor direction, Useful measuring tools, Nacelle construction, Air ducts, Hairy resin?, Air outlet tunnel

WTD-3 Watt's The Deal? Making a perfect hatch fix, Color scheme ideas, Field charging procedures Canopy techniques, Initial trials, A scale model preview, Flying our new models
BF-1 Building & Fiberglassing Techniques Fuselage jigging, strip planking, engine & muffler tricks
BF-2 Building & Fiberglassing Techniques Making the wing true, flaps, landing gear doors
BF-3 Building & Fiberglassing Techniques Covering with fiberglass, priming...and more
DP-1 Detailing & Painting Techniques Panel lines, rivets, hatches, all the lowdown on surface detailing
DP-2 Detailing & Painting Techniques How to mix paint to match your color chips - first ever actual demonstration!  Painting the color scheme & markings.    
DP-3 Detailing & Painting Techniques "Secrets of Weathering" Learn how to do it right.


Advanced Building Techniques 3-Views, lofting, RTV moulds, aileron and flap coves, etc..
ABT-2 Advanced Building Techniques Scale horns & rods, wheel hubs & tires, hollow body, etc..
ABT-3 Advanced Building Techniques Wing mounting, exhaust pipes, canopy frames, etc..
ABT-4 Advanced Building Techniques Fiberglass canopy frames, dummy engine, making the ‘docs’ book, etc.

The "Scratch This!" series, an RC Scale Design Course, takes you to the next level. This course was created for all those RC fans who have never designed a scale model of their own. "Scratch This!" shows how to take your choices beyond available kits and plans. Can you imagine being able to pick out any airplane ever built, and making your own unique RC version? A hundred years of aviation history at your feet! And yet, there are modelers--just a few--who can do this. When you've studied this series, you'll have this enviable skill!

ST-1 "Scratch This!" Locating 3-views and data, Scaling, Tools & Materials needed and more.
ST-2 "Scratch This!" Fuselage layout, plotting airfoils, fuselage lofting and more.
ST-3 "Scratch This!" Wing Structural design, Canopies, Fiberglass cowlings and more.

The subject matter for this set of videos was based around the construction of a Hawker Hunter, but don’t be misled into thinking that this is just a series on how to build a jet. About 10% of this series covers the installation and setup of the turbine and its associated equipment -- the rest covers over 70 different subjects unrelated to turbines. For instance, the cockpit construction itself takes up about one and a half videos. A lot of good flaps, retracts, and gear door info. is in this set.  As in each series, we try to cover different subjects and techniques or try to expand on those that we’ve covered in our other videos.

JS-1 "The Jet Set" Turbine components description, Fuel tank construction and more.
JS-2 "The Jet Set" Fuselage jigging, Turbine installation, Cockpit Layout and more.
JS-3 "The Jet Set" Sliding canopy mechanism, Instrument panel & Cockpit construction and more.
JS-4 "The Jet Set" Making the perfect hatch, Nose gear steering, Starting the wings and more.
JS-5 "The Jet Set" Covering with fiberglass, Surface detailing, Wing tip light molding and more
DT-1 Double Trouble

IPMS Convention, Tamiya Heinkel 219 kit, electric?, opposite rotating  engines, Compufoil - drawing ribs, installing wing tubs 

DT-2 Double Trouble

Engine nacelles & cooling tunnel, joining nacelle to wing, metal work introduction, sandblasting tools, making Oleo scissors

DT-3 Double Trouble

Finding C.G. on a trike-gear or tail-dragger model, Making canopy joints invisible, Stencils, Flush Rivets, Scale Props  

DD-1 The Devil is in the Details Upholstery, Control-surface Flutes, Realistic Hinges, NAV Lights, Molding part, etc..
DD-2 The Devil is in the Details

Control sticks, Instrument faces, Separate needles, Leather seats, Hiding the switch, Windows, Wing walks, Stencils, etc..


Understanding & Using Epoxy Paints

'The Klass-Kote Video'


Back To Basics

Removing existing covering, Airframe prep, Covering with Silk, Silkspan, Polyspan, Etc., Brushing techniques and much more.

Pick on the special items you want to know about -- or just learn it all!

Each Video Runs Approximately. 2 hours

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