Volume 5

In this last video of the series, we see Dave’s Hawker Hunter get it’s final surface details. It’s all here — grilles, tip lights, and much more; also tips and techniques demonstrated for you.

Then, the airplane gets it’s paint job! And what a paint job! Resplendent in it’s Royal Air Force camouflage and squadron markings, the Hunter is a sight to gladden the heart of any scale jet fan.

Lastly, the model is prepared for flight. Included here: some engine starting and running, ground handling and taxiing.


'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Covering with fiberglass

  • Sanding resin

  • Priming and materials

  • Gray coat

  • Surface detailing

  • Color scheme on gray coat

  • Hatches – panels – fasteners – rivets

  • Wing tip light molding

  • Hatches – fasteners – rivets

  • Badges and markings

  • Roundels – circle cutter

  • Spraying – over spraying

  • Care when spraying

  • Intricate squadron badge

  • Stencils

  • On the runway

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