Volume 4

With the cockpit area completed (sigh of relief !) Dave’s Hunter is really moving along now. In this volume, we build the turbine access hatch and complete the fuselage.

Next, we begin the wings showing various tips and techniques dealing with the flaps, nose gear steering, main retracts, and the drop tanks.

Along the way, we see unique ways to ensure accuracy during construction.

The model will soon be ready to paint !

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Making a hatch and fitting it perfectly

  • Getting the hatch free

  • Freeing the fuselage from the table

  • Making your own sanding sticks

  • Nose gear steering and the door

  • Preparing to build the wings

  • Description of new primers

  • Fuselage set up accurately on the bench

  • Starting the wings

  • Erecting wing root panels

  • Aligning wing tubes

  • Using “hairy resin”

  • How to alter angles of retracts

  • Main retract installation plus doors

  • How to make flaps with G-10

  • Hanging the flap

  • Drop tank mechanisms

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