Volume 3

Volume 3 of The Jet Set shows for the first time ever , how to go about dressing up your scale model’s cockpit. No model, and certainly no scale jet, is really complete without a very good interior.

This tape shows in stage-by-stage format how to do it all: the instruments (with their own needles, even !), the consoles, control stick, gun sight, sliding canopy mechanism, and then the crowning touch — an easy-to-make but complex-looking ejection seat.

Everyone agrees that nothing enhances a fine scale model like an eye-popping pilot station, but how to actually go about doing it has never been detailed — until now. All of ”Mr. Scale’s” methods behind his killer cockpits are exposed here, and with Dave’s help, you can do it too !

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Sliding canopy mechanism
  • Instrument faces
  • Making instruments in layers
  • Adding color to instruments
  • Materials/ pens/ lettering
  • Assembling instrument panel
  • Creating instrument needles

  • Painting/weathering the instrument panel
  • Ejector seat detailed
  • How to make an ejector seat
  • Cockpit components ready for installation
  • Cockpit components installed
  • The entire cockpit is finished

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