Volume 2

Our Jet Set swings into Volume 2 showing how to use “Swingees” to get no-horn elevator and rudder control, even on sharply swept-back surfaces.

We make a fiberglass bifurcated intake duct … then we continue in earnest by beginning the fuselage construction with the installation of all the turbine components as we go.

All along, this is peppered with techniques and tips to help you build your own jet easily … and quickly.

As Volume 2 nears the end, we start in on one of the most important, yet mysterious, aspects of a top-drawer scale model … the cockpit !

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Stabilizer with “Swingee” controls
  • Assembly of elevator controls
  • Fuselage jigged in one piece
  • Installation of turbine components
  • Hatch liner construction
  • Sheeting the intakes

  • Planking the fuselage
  • Attaching the stabilizer
  • Fin-mounted servo and hatch
  • Fin and rudder with “Swingees”
  • Cockpit layout
  • Cockpit liners
  • Sliding canopy tracks

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