Volume 1

"Mr. Scale” Dave Platt now turns the spotlight, and the camera, on model aviation’s newest and most dramatic development — jets !

Continuing technical advances in the RC hobby have now added gas turbines to our many powerplant choices, and they’re within the reach of anyone who acquires the know-how to install and operate them properly in scale models of jet-age aircraft.

If you’re among the many RC’ers who want in on the excitement, here is the perfect learning tool, a videotape series that will walk you through the entire process. In this opening volume, Dave describes all the turbine equipment in detail … what each part is, where it fits, and what it does.

When the installation is understood, we put it all to use and start to build a brand new original scale jet model.

Fasten your seatbelts !

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Lessons learned
  • Gathering information
  • Books – plastic kits
  • Decal sets & more on books
  • Turbine components description
  • Diagram of components in aircraft
  • Airframe hardware items described
  • Nose gear door geometry
  • Fuel tank construction

  • Fiberglass intake trunk
  • Fibre Glast
  • Conduits & latches
  • Cold/ hot pipes
  • How to us Swingees
  • Hinging elevators
  • Transporting – wings
  • Brakes
  • Laying up intake trunk


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