Volume 3

As we bring our Heinkel 219 to completion we get numerous topics to share, from getting realistic mottling to painting intricate stencils. Probably the most important segment comes when we show for the first time how to set up a throttle properly - a vital skill when getting ready to fly such a huge project as a ten-foot forty-two pound twin.  Also shown, how to weigh and balance-check a big and heavy model so that it’s ready for flight.         


'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Weighing and balancing such a big model

  • Setting model on scales

  • Finding C.G. on a trike-gear model

  • Finding C.G. on a tail-dragger model

  • Making canopy joints invisible

  • Peeling off canopy tape

  • Wing leading-edge lights

  • Grillwork in intakes

  • Doing camouflage

  • Stencils

  • Source for panel-line tape

  • Flush rivets

  • Flush rivet tool

  • Monokote for parting

  • Scale props

  • Transporting

  • How air-bleed carbs work

  • How modern carbs work

  • Other causes of poor response

  • Carb response demo

  • 219 engines running


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