Volume 2

With a ten foot twin under way, we find new topics such as; sheeting a  leading edge, an engine cooling tunnel  with  flap,  twin - elevator  servos,   landing   gear  doors,  then  plenty  of  opportunity  for some easy  metal   work.  And, as  Dave  shows,  there’s nothing to be scared of;  with a  brief education on  metal  types  plus  some  simple  metal  work,  now “the model leaps forward on all fronts”.                


'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Operating flaps and doors

  • Engine nacelles

  • Engine cooling tunnel

  • Special landing gear

  • Mufflers and source

  • Sheeting a leading edge

  • Joining nacelle to wing

  • Planking the nacelle

  • Engine cooling door

  • Cowling

  • Building the fuselage

  • Building the stabilizer

  • Twin elevator servos

  • Trial model assembly

  • Klass Kote reference

  • Hinging and driving LG doors

  • Landing gear doors

  • Metal work introduction

  • Aluminum grading

  • Oleo leg fork

  • Sandblasting tools

  • Cheap metalworking tools

  • Making Oleo scissors

  • Showing finished Oleo leg


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