Building & Fiberglassing Techniques

Volume 3

Watch Dave Platt complete construction and fiberglassing of his original scale model design of the Macchi 202, a beautiful Italian World War II fighter design.

Look over Dave's shoulder while he reveals many quite unique tricks in light-weight fiberglassing.  Use of heavy grit sandpaper, resin flow-coating, and the perfect fitting of the wing to fuselage fillets are only a few of the features included here.

Dave's model is really taking shape now.  Then he flips the model over to show how one of modeling's worst problems is solved:  landing gear doors get laid-up in "glass".  For the finale on this tape, he sprays on the first coat of primer, preparing for the FUN part ... Detailing and Painting.

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Airframe completed

  •  Fiberglass covering materials

  •  Sizing fiberglass cloth on wing

  •  Starting wing resining and tips

  •  Fiberglassing around fuselage

  •  Covering fillets

  •  Covering compound curves

  •   Scotchbrite pad to scarf surfaces

  •  Resin flow-coating

  • Heavy sandpapering

  • Really fitting wing fillets

  •  Spraying parting agent on fillets

  •  Make great landing gear doors

  •   Monokote parting agent for gear doors

  •  Landing gear door lay-ups

  •  What primer?

  •  Mixing and spraying primer

  •  Sanding primer

  •   Nitro - Stan ?

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