Today, plastic film seems to have taken over model airplane covering, and so the arts you'll need when using real paper and fabrics are in danger of being lost. Dave Platt ("Mr. Scale") isn't about to let this happen! Here in this video we shoe the techniques involved. And, we show for the first time ever, how you can do a prize winning job with that most beautiful, but difficult material of them all - SILK!

'Techniques' with great tips in the following order.

  • Overview of various fabrics

  • Removing existing covering

  • Covering with Silkspan

  • Covering with Polyspan

  • Silk-over-paper technique

  • Dealing with "blushing" 

  • Airframe prep

  • Dyeing silk

  • Attaching wet silk

  • Brushing techniques

  • Using a spraygun

  • Thread hinges


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