Hello Scale Fans,


It’s time for me to retire.  In order that the Dave Platt designs continue to be available to modelers, the kit manufacturing rights are being transferred to Belair Kits in England. (www.belairkits.com).

This process will be completed by May 2017.  The Dave Platt videos will stay with DPM for the time being.

I wish to thank my customers for their support for over 40 years, and ask that you give the same loyalty to Leon Cole at Belair as you have so generously given me.

I’m used to saying “Welcome to my workshop!” which I do on all of my videotapes, but this time I’m saying “Welcome to my Website!”

I hope that during your visit here you will find a whole load of interesting goodies to increase your enjoyment of Scale Radio Control, that side of the model airplane hobby that is all at once so frustrating and maddening sometimes, yet can be so uplifting and satisfying at other times that we wouldn’t trade it for anything else on earth.

A couple of years ago, I felt that the time had come for me to pass on my 60 years of modeling experience. Through my videotapes, I’m giving newcomers to scale, and old hands too, a short-cut to learning the techniques it has taken me so long to evolve. In short, I’ve tried to show RC scale fans everywhere how to build better models (and more quickly, too) than they ever could before.

Dave Platt -- “Mr. Scale”

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