Customer's Projects

Following up on a good suggestion, we're starting a page for customer's projects.


Here's a very nice 109G built by Michael Ufkin of Joliet, IL.

 I powered my plane with an OS 1.2AX. It has Platt retracts. I added flaps without any difficulty and finished it in a JG302 scheme using Modelmaster paints. It weighs less than 17lbs. Haven't flown it yet, but am looking forward to it. Great plane and an awesome build. I traced all the templates to cut some more parts for another one I liked it so much. Thanks for designing such nice models.


Here's a beautiful T-28 built from Dave Platt plans by Dean Monticelli of Tucson, Arizona.

The model is equipped with dive brakes, lights and adjustable cowl flaps. 

It weights 21 lbs. and is powered by a Supertigre 2500.

Dean hopes to enter it in a Scalemasters qualifier. Good luck Dean!!!



This outstanding example of one of our P-51 kits was submitted by John Stare, AVP District IV. Great job John!

The model is powered by a Supertigre 2500. It is built per the plans and covered with .005 aluminum. Dave Platt retracts, drop tanks, bomb shackles and prop were used. The cockpit interior is by Jack Dorman. The metal behind the exhaust is .005 stainless steel which was burned before installing to give it the proper color. All markings were painted on using Hobby Poxy.


We're starting with a really outstanding job done on our Jungmeister kit by Colin Nicholls in Australia. Great effort, guys.

Their Jungmeister weighs 13.5 lbs dry, has an OS 91 FX 2-stroke for power, and balances without any nose-weight required!


Although this is not one of our kits, I thought you may be interested in my latest project.

This is my latest creation, a Miles M.20. It's 1/5 Scale, has a wingspan of 83", a wing area of 1350 sqin, weights 22.5 lbs, and is powered by a Moki 2.1. It is all balsa and ply construction and was designed and built in only 7 weeks.


This is the "Heatwave", a new design of mine for a turbine trainer.

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